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Camp Types

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Ideal for first time gymnasts to those preparing for team.  Campers will receive instruction on all of the gymnastics equipment, including trampoline and tumbltrak.  Basic dance instruction will be included for girls levels 0-2 to better prepare them for the artistic side of the sport.  Campers are divided into groups based upon gender, level, and/or age when appropriate.  At times, higher level campers may be combined with the team camps to provide them with qualified instruction on the events during the mornings.  Prerequisites:  Coed ages 5 & up.  Attire:  Non-restrictive, athletic clothes.  Bare feet.  Ratio:  6-7 gymnasts per instructor.

Snack and Lunch


Typical Daily Schedule

FREE Expanded Supervision:  No instruction is provided.  UMDGC staff will supervise campers while they play card and board games, watch a G- or age-appropriate PG-rated movie, watch child-appropriate TV programming, relax, or bring their own activity.


What to Bring to Camp


Camper Rules

For the safety of the campers and productivity of the camp, UMDGC reserves the right to discipline campers if they do not follow the following rules, rules posted in UMDGC, and/or common classroom etiquette.  Discipline may include, but is not limited to, verbal warning, timeout, meeting with parents, and suspension or expulsion from camp.  The discipline will be based on the incident’s severity, and the camper’s past history and special conditions.  Decisions of UMDGC’s staff are final.



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Mon, Jan 15 Gymnastics
Levels 0-1
5 + $45
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Adv. Tumbling
Advanced, Expert, & Master
7+ Canceled