Summer Camps 2017

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Prices and Discounts

After Mar 4 Dec 31-Mar 4 Nov 26-Dec 30 By Nov 25
Early Registration Discount
No Discount 5% off 10% off 15% off
Weekly rate
$290/week $275.50/week $261/week $246.50/week

Payment Options

  1. Pay in full at time of registration.  You may be eligible for early registration discounts.
  2. Pay 30% of total fee at time of registration.  Credit card info must be provided on the registration form.  Any unpaid balance will be charged to the card 2 Fridays prior to the start of each week of camp.  Initial deposits are fully refundable the end of the first day of camp.

Discounts & Prorating

  • Early Registration Discounts: 15%, 10%, or 5% depending on date.  Must pay in full to be eligible for the discount; 30% deposits are not eligible for the discount.
  • Family Discount: Receive a 10% discount when you have two or more campers attending the same weeks.
  • Military Discount: Receive 10% off when you provide proof of past or present military service.
  • Week of July 4: Weekly fees will be prorated $50.


General Information For All Summer Camps

FREE Expanded Supervision

UMDGC staff will supervise campers while they play card and board games, watch a G- or age-appropriate PG-rated movie, watch child-appropriate TV programming, relax, or bring their own activity.

General Schedule

  • 8:15-9:30a: FREE Expanded Drop-off.
  • 9:30-1:45p: Dance, cheer, tumbling, and gymnastics activities with a 10-minute snack break and 25-minute lunch break.
  • 1:45-3:45p: Three afternoon activities. Options may include arts & crafts, martial arts, dance, tricking, ninja warrior course, outdoor activities, cheerleading, parkour, and gymnastics workouts. Campers who are ages 10+ may select their afternoon activities from the options given.  Gymnastics team, higher level tumbling, and UMAS Cheer camps will have strength, conditioning, flexibility, and additional training.  
  • 3:45-4:15p: Open workout in the gym.
  • 4:15-5:30p: FREE Expanded Pick-up.

Attendance Policies

  • Sign-In:  All campers must check-in at the front desk each day; parents do not have to come in if a UMDGC registration form has previously been completed and submitted.
  • Sign-Out:  An adult must provide a signature when signing out a camper; no camper will be permitted to leave without first being signed out.  If there is a change to the normal pick-up, please let UMDGC know.
  • Late pick-up fee:  $5 per carload will be charged for each portion of 5 minutes starting at 5:31p (i.e. 5:31p-5:35p; 5:36p-5:40p).  This fee must be paid in full before participating in future camp activities.
  • There are no make-ups, refunds, or credits for missed camp days.

Snack and Lunch

  • UMDGC does not supply food, drinks, utensils, microwaves, or refrigerators.
  • Snack time:  One beverage and a healthy snack. 
  • Lunch:  Bring a bagged lunch and beverage with the camper’s name on it, along with all necessary utensils.
  • No glass as our campers walk around barefooted.
  • Due to food allergies, UMDGC cannot supply food or permit sharing of food. 
  • UMDGC staff will only enforce eating plans that are supplied by a health care professional.


Camper Rules

For the safety of the campers and productivity of the camp, UMDGC reserves the right to discipline campers if they do not follow the following rules, rules posted in UMDGC, and/or common classroom etiquette.  Discipline may include, but is not limited to, verbal warning, timeout, meeting with parents, and suspension or expulsion from camp.  The discipline will be based on the incident’s severity, and the camper’s past history and special conditions.  Decisions of UMDGC’s staff are final.

  • Campers must follow the directions of UMDGC staff.
  • Campers must remain with their group at all times when in the gym and studios.
  • Notify a staff member immediately of all injuries or problems.
  • Gum, food, and drinks other than water are prohibited in the studios and gym.
  • Campers are expected to participate in all activities or must sit in the lobby for the remainder of the rotation.
  • Campers are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and show respect to others.
  • Campers may not touch other campers without coach/instructor permission.
  • UMDGC is not responsible for damaged, stolen, lost, or misplaced property and money.  Bring at your own risk and keep in your bag or check it in at the front desk.
  • Proper attire is essential for the safety of the camper and staff.  Those not dressed correctly will not be permitted to participate.
  • Cell phone usage between 9:30a and 4:15p is forbidden and phone will be confiscated until sign-out.  All “official” calls will be made from the UMDGC phones, unless it is because UMDGC has lost utilities.



Beginner Cheer (USASF Levels 1-2)

Camp is a great way to get extra work for the current season or next year’s tryouts.   Cheerleading camp includes beginner to USASF level 2 cheer elements.  Cheerleaders will start upstairs with stunts, motions, dance,  jumps, and conditioning.  Later, the cheerleaders will tumble using the spring floors, trampolines, and tumbltrak.  

Prerequisites: Coed ages 7 & up.   
Attire: Non-restrictive, athletic clothing.   Clean, dry sneakers, preferably cheerleading sneakers, required.   
4-12 campers per instructor.
Weeks: Jun 26-Jun 30.

UMAS Cheer Team Camp

UMAS will be holding mandatory skills camps July 17-20 and July 24-27 for cheerleaders placed on level 2 & higher UMAS teams.  Following evaluations and placements, each team will be assigned one of these weeks, with cheerleaders attending Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.  The fee for the camp will be included in the 2017-18 competition fees and is non-refundable.  Cheerleaders are automatically enrolled; they do not need to register for the skills camp.  Morning will focus on stunting and pyramids; afternoons will focus on tumbling with UMDGCs tumbling staff.  

Prerequisite:  Cheerleaders placed on level 2 or higher UMAS teams.  
  UMAS staff will notify you of the practice attire to wear to camp.


General Dance Info

Dance camps include studio time and dance instruction as well as crafts, afternoon activities and open gym.  Tap shoes are available for no extra charge for camps that include tap Ratio: 12 dancers per instructor.  Minimum of 4 campers required per week.  Attire: Leotard and tights, or leggings with t-shirt.

American Girl

Bring your favorite doll and enjoy a camp that will explore and celebrate all things American Girl.  Campers will enjoy crafts and dance games centered around their doll.  Campers will learn about different dolls and their origins as well.  Note: Any doll can be brought to camp.  Please make sure camper’s names is on the doll.
 Dance styles:  Ballet and jazz.  
Prerequisite: Girls ages 7-11.  
Shoes: Bare feet, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes.
Week: Jul 3-Jul 7.

Broadway Bound &  Broadway Babies 

Bring your jazz hands for a fabulous week of musical theater camp.  Campers will dance to the music of Broadway's biggest shows while  exploring acting and theater games.  
Dance styles:
  Theater jazz and tap.  
Prerequisites:  Broadway Bound - Coed ages 8-12.  Broadway Babies – Coed ages 5-7.  
Attire: Bare feet, ballet or jazz shoes.  Tap shoes required.
Week: Aug 7-Aug 11.

Contemporary & Jazz

Come explore these amazing, creative and expressive styles of dance! This camp will focus on two fundamental styles of dance: Contemporary and Jazz! Learn how to tell a story through movement and technique such as turns and jumps!
Dance styles:  Contemporary and Jazz
Prerequisite: Coed ages 8 & up 
Shoes: Bare feet or jazz shoes.
Week: Jul 31-Aug 4.


Inspired by the smash hit Broadway musical! Take a walk into the Revolutionary War through the perspective of Alexander Hamilton. Dance to the rap and hip hop inspired lyrics of songs like "Wait For It" and "You'll Be Back" This camp will leave you "Satisfied" and there's no way you'll be able to "Say No To This."
Dance styles:  Contemporary and Jazz
Prerequisite: Coed ages 9 & up 
Shoes: Bare feet or jazz shoes.
Week: Jul 10-Jul 14



Meghan Trainor

It’s all about Meghan Trainor in this new dance camp!  Learn croutines to Meghan’s most popular music!  A new style will be taught each day.  Campers will also create fun art projects to celebrate this amazing pop star!
Dance styles:  Contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop.
Prerequisite: Coed ages 6 & up.
Bare feet, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes.
Week: Jul 17-Jul 21.


Mahalo!  Spend a week dancing to all of the music of Moana. Enjoy Polynesian themed crafts and summer fun with grass skirts, sea shells, and so much more! Come and explore "How Far You'll Go" at Moana dance camp. 
Dance styles:
  Ballet and Jazz. 
  Coed ages 5-8.  
  Barefeet, ballet shoes or jazz shoes.
Week: Jul 24-Jul 28.

Princess "Dreams Come True"

Princess campers will have a “ball” learning ballet and tap steps and combinations to various Disney princess music.  Games such as Kiss the Frog, Princess memory game, and crafts will be included.  Campers can dress as their favorite princess for the princess party and show on the Friday of camp.  Possible appearance by a princess!  
Dance styles:
  Ballet and tap  
Girls ages 5-7.  
Bare feet or ballet shoes.  Tap shoes required.
Week: Jul 31-Aug 4.

Taylor Swift

A dance camp dedicated to superstar Taylor Swift.  Learn combinations to Taylor's most popular music! A new combination and style will be introduced each day.  Campers will also create fun art projects to celebrate this great pop star with local roots!  
Dance styles:
  Contemporary, hip-hop, and Jazz.  
Coed ages 7 & up.  
Bare feet, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes.
Weeks: Jun 26-Jun 30, Aug 14-Aug 18.


Get happy and dance to the music of the Trolls movie soundtrack, including hits like Justin Timberlake's "Cant Stop the Feeling.” Have a magical time learning new dance moves and creating colorful arts and crafts.  This camp will have you dance, dance, dancin'! 
Dance styles:
  Jazz and Hip-hop. 
  Co-ed ages 5-8. 
Attire: Bare feet, ballet shoes or jazz shoes.
Weeks: Jun 26-Jun 30.


Beginner Gymnastics (UMDGC Levels 0-2)

Ideal for first-time gymnasts and those preparing for team.  Campers will receive instruction on all of the gymnastics equipment, including trampoline and tumbltrak.  Campers are divided into groups based upon gender, level, and/or age when appropriate.  
Prerequisites: Coed ages 5 & up.
Attire: Non-restrictive, athletic clothes.  Bare feet.  
Ratio: 6-8 gymnasts per instructor. 
Weeks: All 10 weeks.

Gym Team (including Preteam & Topaz)

An intense workout designed to prepare the gymnast for the next competitive season.  Schedule includes morning event workouts, tumbltrak and trampoline in the afternoons, required daily flexibility and strength, opportunity to participate in one afternoon activity or take an extended break, daily open workout, and special team only activities.  
Boys Prerequisites & Attire: Boys levels 2-6.  Athletic shorts and t-shirt.  Bare feet.  Bring sweat pants or competition pants each day.  
Girls Prerequisites & Attire: Open to all girls and Xcel team members and members of UMDGC’s girls preteam and Topaz programs.  Leotard required.  Spandex/velvet shorts permitted.  Bare feet.  
8-10 gymnasts per instructor. 
Weeks: All 10 weeks.


Perfect for those looking to learn or perfect tumbling skills.  Progressive instruction will be provided on the spring floor, airfloor, tumbltrak, and trampolines.  Some front tumbling will be included.  Campers are divided into groups based upon level and/or age when appropriate and staffing permits.  Beginner 1 & Beginner 2 tumblers will focus on rolls, cartwheels, roundoffs, and back handsprings, while intermediate tumblers will work on running tumbling and back tucks.  Advanced to Master tumblers will work on layouts, twisting, whips, and Arabians.  Gymnasts that can do a running back tuck will have the opportunity for additional training in the afternoon instead of afternoon activities.  
Coed ages 7 & up.  
Attire: Non-restrictive, athletic clothing.  Bare feet; or clean, dry cheerleading shoes.  
6-10 tumblers per instructor.  
Weeks: All 10 weeks.

All online registrations must be paid in full.
If you wish to use the 30% deposit method, you must register through the front desk of UMDGC
as a credit card number must be supplied with your registration form.

Dates Camp Types & Requirements Requirements
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Aug 14
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Dance - Taylor Swift Coed ages 7 & up
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Gym - Levels 0-2 Coed ages 5 & up
Gym - Boys Team & Preteam Boys level 2-6
Gym - Girls Team, Preteam, & Topaz Girls level 2+
Tumbling - Beginner to Master Coed ages 7 & up