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Combines both modern and lyrical styles of dance.  Dancers will make emotional and physical connections to music by using their body for personal expression and interpretation.

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Updated August 26, 2017 10:01 PM
Ages 9 & up

Suited for young creative dancers, this class is a fun and imaginative study using modern technique. The focus will be on alignment, balance, coordination, and movement development while learning contemporary and modern techniques. Students will also experiment with improvisation and creating movement phrases that explore their creative sides. Performance exercises increase spatial and kinesthetic awareness.

Female Attire:  Black leggings that cover the knees are required. No oversized shirts or sweatshirts.
Male Attire:  Non-restrictive, athletic clothing.
Shoes: Bare feet or Foot Undeez  

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Contemporary 2 & 3

Using emotion, imagery, and dance technique, this class allows for expansion of self-expression and a greater sense of how the body moves. Emphasis is placed on alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility to enhance proper dance technique. Dancers study floor work, weight shifting, patterns, traveling, jumping, turning, and practice dynamic, expressive interpretations of movement. 

Requirements: Must have recommendation of Contemporary 1 instructor or tryout.

Male Attire:  Non-restrictive, athletic clothing.
Female Attire: Black leggings that cover the knees are required.No oversized shirts or sweatshirts.
Shoes: Bare feet or Foot Undeez