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Ready to soar through the sky? Or plummet towards the floor to be saved at the last second by a piece of silk tied into an intricate series of knots. The classes are safe and accessible for everyone wanting to tryingthis breath-taking performance art. Classes build upper-body and core strength, increase flexibility, and create confidence and creativity. Check out a videos of the hammock/sling and silks.

Special Registration Information: Due to the unique nature of the class and for the safety of the participatns, the class will be canceled and the participants will receive a cash refund on the dates that the instructor is not available.

Attire: Leggings or sweat pants. A top that covers the midriff. Barefoot. No jewelry. No clothing with buckles, snaps, zippers, rivets, etc.



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Updated February 19, 2018 10:35 AM

Aerials Foundation
Ages 8-Adult

An introduction to Aerial Sling/Hammock and Aerial Silks. This course is designed for beginners to learn basic poses and various drops safely, while building strength and flexibility for future aerial classes.

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