School Year Open workouts

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Registration is ongoing. Join and attend anytime.
Participants must complete a digital registration form annually.
Forms valid September 1 to August 31.
Passes are no-refundable, non-creditable, non-replaceable, and do not expire.
Not eligible for discounts.

Open workouts are designed as an opportunity for gymnasts, tumblers, cheerleaders, traceurs, trickers, and anyone else to work on skills they have nearly mastered.  Staff will be available to supervise and provide guidance only; if you need spotting or specific instruction, sign up for a class or private lesson.  For the safety of the participants, no balls are permitted during open workout.  Music with explicit content may be played after 9:30p. 
Attire:  Non-restrictive, athletic clothing.  Bare feet or clean, dry sneakers. 

Class Info Day Time Date Fee Code Pay Online
Pass will be available for pick-up at open workout sign-in.
Digital Reg Form
Ages 7 & up Mon 9:00p-10:30p Sep 11-May 21 $9 cash or
$60 for 10-session pass
Delivery Options
Participant's Name, DOB, Sex
Special Request & Needs
Click here to complete UMDGC's digital registration form.
Ages 7 & up Thu 9:00p-10:30p Sep 7-May 31 $9 cash or
$60 for 10-session pass
Ages 7 & up Fri 7:30p-9:00p Sep 8-Jun 1 $10 cash or
$60 for 10-session pass
Ages 7 & up
Tumbling only
Red & purple floors
Sun 5:00p-6:30p Jan 14-Feb 18

$5 cash

FREE for the following:
currently enrolled tumblers
UMAS cheerleaders
UMDGC team gymnasts

OW 18