SUmmer 2017
PARKOUR & freerunning

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Love watching American Ninja Warrior? Want to try it yourself? Then check out UMDGC's Parkour & Freerunning classes. Led by instructors formerly of Main Line Parkour. Check out a video of Mitch doing some of the skills you'll be learning during class.

Attire: Leotard, t -shirt, athletic shorts, or sweatpants with elastic waistband or drawstring.  No pockets.  Shirts must be completely tucked in.  Clean, dry sneakers. 

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May 30, 2017 2:57 AM
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Parkour & Freerunning
Coed Ages 5-adult

Parkour aims to get through a series of obstacle as fast, efficiently, and safely as possible, similar to American Ninja Warrior, using strength, rolls, coordination, and athletism. Freerunning combines the obstacles of parkour with the flips, twists, and artistry of gymnastics and tricking.  All classes will be held upstairs at UMDGC.

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